My arms swing, my hips sway,
My legs are shaking, lifting me off the ground,
My body is swaying left and right
Tente, tente, tente, the baby is swinging with me.

Rocking is reminiscent of the embrace of the womb, where rhythmic rocking movements to live music, loving physical contact and parental presence are intertwined as one, bringing comfort to the baby and the rocker.
Our relationship with the child is formed through our connection to ourselves. We welcome all Parents and Relatives who come with their babies for guided free dance and meditative relaxation!


"I, the Wanderer, was looking for a special animal in the forest, a bluebird, the bird of happiness. I wanted to sing with it, because whoever sings with the bluebird of happiness will always be happy."

Little Tit and the Ordas

"Sometimes it was, sometimes it wasn't,
not too far from here,
in the middle of a round forest,
a little bird was singing in a tree:
with a green back but a yellow belly,
high-pitched among wings
the little tit was blowing his tune,
like a shepherd playing the flute.

The journey of a butterfly - Papillon & Araneusz

"The children listened with rapt attention to the exciting journey of the beautiful butterfly Papillon and his encounter with the fearsome spider Araneus. It is a story without words, in which the characters use music, dance, mime and movement to speak to the children and pass on values such as love, compassion, courage and respect for others."

Mazsi - the true story of a puppy

"Dot, dot, comma:
the head is ready
small neck, big belly
this how god created a puppy

Interactive children's shows and instrument demonstrations are available on request, for more information contact me via the form below.